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Pensions Board

The local Pension Board which is an advisory Board of the Council is responsible for the governance and administration of the London Borough of Hackney’s Pension Fund. The Pension Board has the power to do anything which is calculated to facilitate, or is conducive or incidental to, the discharge of any of its functions. (The Local Government Pension Scheme (Amendment) (Governance Regulations 2015).

Members of the Pensions Board are detailed below:



Henry Colthurst


Kay Brown


Michael Hartney


Samantha Lloyd


Who are the Pensions Committee?

What is the Pensions Committee?

The Pensions Committee, a sub-Committee of the London Borough of Hackney Pensions Board, has delegated responsibility for considering all pensions matters on behalf of the Board. It operates in compliance with the relevant provisions of the Financial Memorandum and the Scheme of Delegation. Its key responsibilities are the management of funds and custody of assets, including securing of Grant in Aid to cover Closed Fund liabilities. It is also responsible for scheme administration and benefit disbursement.

Members of the Pensions Committee are detailed below:  




Cllr Robert Chapman  (Chair)

Tel: 020-8356-3373

Cllr Michael Desmond  (Vice Chair)

Tel: 020-8356-3373

Cllr Kam Adams

Tel: 020-8356-3373

Cllr Feryal Demirci

Tel: 020-8356-3373

Cllr Patrick Moule

Tel: 020-8356-3373

Cllr Geoff Taylor

Tel: 020-8356-3373

Co-Opted Members


Jonathan Malins-Smith
(Scheme Member Representative)

Tel: 07985 453 348

The Pensions Committee Terms of Reference

The Delegated Powers of the Pensions Committee are as follows:

  • To agree the investment stategy having regard to the advice of the Fund’s managers and the independent adviser.
  • To determine the Fund management arrangements and appointments of Fund Managers and Fund Advisers.
  • To agree to the admission of bodies into the Council’s Pension Scheme.
  • To agree discretionary payments in respect of pension and retirement matters.
  • To agree actuarial valuations.

Pensions Committee Reports

Agendas and reports are available from the Hackney Council - Committee Reports Archive web page and by selecting Pensions Sub-Committee from the drop down list in the database search facility. 

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